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(At the Diveagar beach – Konkan I saw all cuddled and searched for mine but realizing the same was not thought by him, I got insecure… we women are so insecure sometimes )


At the shoreline

In torso deep sea

I waited to hold you and

Watch the sun sink at the orange horizon

But you not around

Got me insecure

Did you want the same?

What if you didn’t

What if all was not what I felt

What if I was the only one who felt it

I could feel my throat hurt

And eyes watered out a tear



Sure get you judging the purest feelings, urges.

But in no time you proved me wrong

You came close and took me in your arms to never let go

The few precious moments spent,

Got me so overwhelmed

That I laughed at my vulnerable self

Stared in your loving eyes

And thanked fate

For every ounce of love you shared

Which is hidden and unpredictable

To live up to the spice of love and fate!


I cursed myself for that crazy thought

And basked in your arms…

At the shoreline

In torso deep water

I saw my insecurity sink at the wet

With the golden beautiful sunset




One of the birthday gifts to hubby

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me n baby

One of the gifts I choose to give on occasions to near dear ones consists of a poem or a write up… This poem was one of the gift items on hubby dear’s b’day gift list… 

 To a tomboy, love was unknown

Until he made her feel preciously owned
The way he made her feel
Is how she defined love
The unconditional…
The truth, the trust…
The love hungry wandering eyes
Searched her when she was away
When things were meaningless to her
He still kept faith, he still craved…
His amazing patience
Ignored each tantrum, each fit thrown
His special loving smile
Told her he was right next to her
No matter what’s known unknown
The honest sparkling eyes
Eyes, which might just try
And keep up a lie or two
But from his vocals confess gently
With a shy grin and convince you
It’s just so much of a contrast
Sometimes a moment of her life
Seems so wrong around him
Like it’s just not meant to be
His selfish self denies every allegation
Every righteous truth and titles it as lame
But the very next
She craves for him
And things just fall into place!
She loves his affectionate touch, his cuddle
The way he puts her to sleep
Or the way he encourages her
The way he flaunts her in friends
Or just the way he fights
To prove himself right and gets angry and says
‘Leave me alone, give me some time
I’ll be fine’.
Would she have ever asked for anything more
Just a sincere him
Who she’d love always
Forever and ever
Like I always say-
The less worthy I am of your love
The more grateful I am to Fate!
Happy Birthday baby!

Too late to narrate new yrs’… but what da heck!

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              14 of us had to celebrate the last day of the year differently, so we set out on a trip to Konkan, away from the city noise, same ol parties, music, expensive clubbing… we wanted to do something different to mark the new year… Two esteems and a Palio were racing each other in the ghats of Tahmini and we waved and shouted and sang songs all way… We stayed at Anjarle on the 30th night after a crazy exhaustive trip and a walk to the beach in the night with happy talli friends…





               The 31st morning we visited the Asud-Murud beach and had a dip at the sunny beach until our skins turned african tan-brown! By evening we were all ready to take ‘THE TRIP TO THE SUVARNADURG FORT’ which is in the amidst of the sea at the Harnai port. We had hired a fisherman to take us there, CAMP the entire night and get us back on shore the 1st morning. It seldom is a tourist attraction as very few get into the trouble to catch hold of a fisherman for a ride to the fort. Its unlike janjira/alibag forts which have a lot of tourists visiting… And to pep it all we had to stay overnight where the customs are on a watch to deprive you of the same…


               We started late and most got shit scared of the boat ride after sunset with waves almost reaching the brink of the boat and all the swaying got em hmmm Lets say “super scared”… we then got settled inside the fort and then there was no stopping … there was booze, barbeque, lots of talks, lots of old college funny stories narrated… at 0:00 hrs we all came outside the fort to the beach and I must say that was a spectacular sight… it was as if we were at the other side of life, everyday life… every year same old celebreations,noise, din happened on the other side of the waves… we saw the shore burning with lights, lots of fire works which gave a magical reflection on the water and here we held our dear ones too overwhelmed to take in all that we experienced… Our ears could hear our voices and the waves and our eyes could see all the clatter at the village shore… the faint sounds of folk music probably must be lots of drums being played together and the muffled sounds of the fireworks got us nostalgic of all the trips we have had at Konkan…  anjarle

              Then came the case taking sessions, food, more and more faff and in true spirit the right word to be used – NAUTANKI…and the staring at the bornfire makes you nostalgic of old times spend with buddies, with dear ol hubby who once was a boyfriend and coyness, oldness was experienced around a similar bornfire long back with him… most slept by then and some of us were on the turn by turn watch keeping… during the course of the trip we all must have shouted n number of times to welcome sour throats but still we croaked songs loud enough to laugh at each other… we peeed in the torch-less night at the waves lots of times and even hallucinated of weird noises… by no time the sun rise was magical to look at… some more faff around and we were ready to get back to the Harnai shore…All must have atleast said this once – whoh what a trip! amazing!!! In no time we were gorging on amazing Konkani sea food and left for Pune…


back to blogging, I hope!

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            I miss me blogging… I’ve been busy to even ponder over thoughts and penning them down. Well let’s see what my blog missed – another passive smoke up session which made Sachin believe that I liked getting passively bummed coz I sat around Chad and Eddie on the road trip to Diveagar. It wasn’t much of a deal this time.                                   f1070021.jpg  

f1070032.jpg                     Konkan trip was like sweeeeeeeeet! By now some of you must be wondering what the hell I’m I talking about, well …Last year six of us took an amazing road trip to Konkan in a Wagon R … Yup… don’t ask how, why coz I’m too tired to explain… That was Chad’s car and Aaron, Prachi, Eddie, Sachin n I traveled all through Konkan in it! 6 of us explored the Dapoli area and traveled for 5 days. Well, Chad and Eddie smoke up so while we were in the car I was sitting facing the back seat (due to seat constraints, you see) Now picture this – I go a bit crazy on the smoke and suddenly feel weird… life gets slow. My head grows heavy and life around is slow. Whoa! I was high on Passive dope! Shame on me! PASSIVE dope got me high… Anyways we had stopped at Maangaon to grab lunch and I remember passing out on the table in deep sleep… They still tease me on it! So this trip recently to Diveagar got us Nostalgic about the Konkan trip and gave an opportunity to Sachin to conclude shit like ‘Sneha loves to passive dope … she wants to stick around when guys smoke up!!!’ Very funny!              

                Besides that it was a great Diveagar trip – my record breaking tan and the sand fight at the beach and hours of wave fighting and the ‘dig and get buried on the beach’! One unusual thing which I observed though, well picture this… you are in torso deep water and you see butterflies dodging the white horses and struggle to keep up just as you do! Strange? Fucking strange! I had never seen this before… Well dear butterflies what do you think you are doing, there are no pollens exported through water ways?!?!? What was that? They fly right at a wave and just as it seems that it will wash out the butterfly and not give it time to come back to its senses ‘ALIVE’, it smartly takes a tiny flight as if its teasing the wave of its conquest. Damn weird…

               What else… well hmmm ya lots of booze-BBQ parties at home with buddies around… music, guitaring, singing… it was magical… Sachin’s birthday was celebrated with a dinner at Arthur’s Theme – turkey and duck on the menu made Sachin love his birthday dinner… Gifted him a BBQ set and a poem! His birthday bash was a hit… 2007 has been more of an adventurous ‘outdoor’ faff… Wait until you hear about my new year adventure…Will write on the same shortly!


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       A fort night ago,  I was a part of a ‘too good to be true’ offsite… GOA-3day-all expense paid trip! stay at a 5star ‘Cidade-de-goa’ n lotsa Beach, water sports, SEAFOOD, for people who enjoy drinking-it was paradise, an enjoying bike ride for more than 100 kms and not to mention an African Tan!

             True fun with colleagues. Check the pics from the PICS page where the link is pasted.


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               For those who know Sneha Like really well, this post might not be a surprise, however if we have been mere acquaintances – Save the agape look so that I can see it on your face if I happen to bang into you someday…

            My mom cajoled me into visiting a beauty parlour (ooohhh how much I hate it). A ‘all so boring’ family function was due Sunday evening a few weeks ago and that afternoon my dear mom stares at my hair and examines my face which has been carelessly taken care and decides on the visit to the parlour. The expertise coz she been a beautician herself when she was young (I’m so much gonna get bashed up to call her old if she ever reads my blog!)

            Well before I continue, some history!

Its not that I do not visit parlours… I do however only for a haircut; occasional waxing and ya face cleansing… when I see pimples on my face… Yeah! That’s Sneha! I don’t care and I’m a lazy tomboy who chooses smart rather than pampered/ cautious/beautiful/pretty. Make up is like eeeekkkks! So the last thing I wanted to do is go to a parlour – after I have worked a Saturday and Monday was supposed to be a working-8:30am-shift… I out rightly refused, however my mom ahah correction my smart,-knows-her-daughter-well mom stated that SHE wanted to and that she just wanted me to give her a ride. OKAY! But at the parlour both women (the owner being my mom’s friend) talked me into a hair trim… FINE! After that she looked at my eyebrows-“ Sneha, you want me to just do a bit of a touch up to your eyebrows, I mean considering that you haven’t ever done them before and that they don’t need a serious shaping… but losing one or two around here will highlight your features.” OH NO! I gave a ‘Puss-in-boots cat begging shrek kindda look to both but my mom like passed the petition! I kept refusing but they both went on… just two or three dear… OOKKAAAYYY! And the first stoke of that thread on my skin was like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

THAT’S IT!  THAAAAT’S IT!!!!! Oh ! …..FUCK!!! It was torture. Ouch ouch ouch… it felt as if some kid amused on the realization of pricked thorns in his foot was aiming at each and pulling them out!!! The pain was UNBEARABLE!!!

I couldn’t even stretch the eyebrows and hold on to my eyelids well coz it was the freaking first time I was going through this crazy sadistic torture! I don’t know how I survived it… I felt as if my veins would also get plucked out of my skin with that damn thread!

 HATS OFF TO ALL OUT THERE WHO DO IT! Fuck, you girls have some guts (read: balls!) to survive through this! I hereby declare – even if I look like a gorilla after they are grown (now that it might trigger the hair growth I guess) I WILL NEVER EVER GO THROUGH THAT PAIN AGAIN!


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sachin, painting

                 After a survival through the gloomy ‘creativity at stake’ weeks and a short trip to Mumbai to see off a friend; Sachin, my husband who has never fallen sick (the last time he did-was fifth grade!) was down with ah… lemme recall… haa… PUO – Pyroxy of Unknown Origin. It’s I guess an undetected viral which has a peculiar behavioral module. About six to seven times a day the body temperature would shoot up to 103 degrees with an unbearable chilling feeling which would force him to shelter under layers of blanket and after an hour of groaning body and muscle pain, he would emerge out of a pool of sweat declaring “IM OK, SEE… THE FEVER’S GONE”. However it recurred numerous times and lasted for two weeks! All tests – blood, malaria, typhoid, urine, stool… were negative and that’s when the doc spelt the P.U.O thing out, Sachin, anxious to know what was happening to him quickly asked its full form and was all the more disappointed… He almost spat out loud “After all what the fuck is wrong with me” right on the doc’s face.

        Amongst Sachin and me, I’m the one who is frequently unwell and I’m the one who gets all the pampering…he’d feed me; give me a gentle massage if I suffered from a headache or a body ache… made sure medicines gulped down at regular intervals, take leaves and spend time with me by doing stuff that I wanted to do… sketch, play the guitar… I wanted to do the same, make him feel extremely loved, pampered which I know I really sucked at atleast hegirly girly way… I

        It was not easy swaitching roles. I just couldn’t see him so sick and helpless. Never have I seen him whine or groan. I do not recollect him suffer from a mere cold or cough… so this was crazy… Sachin is a fitness freak… he would start his day whining on his body feeling weak and that he can’t gym and that he’d worked so hard but now he will have to slog so much more to cover up… Blah blah blah… things like “ I haven’t ever fallen sick, what’s happening to me” “ its not getting detected- what if –what if this is a new disease!” “hey I’m feeling fine now… can I go out”… “can I go out for a smoke…” “Can I exercise babes… just 20 minutes pleaseeeee.” He behaved like a six year old grounded for life who is desperate to lead a normal undetentional life!

                I took couple of leaves and ensured undivided attention. If I was at work, a phone call to ask about his health was made every hour… Didn’t want him to feel lonely… I tried my best to cheer him up… The situation made me a bit patient. I learnt to keep mum… Due to the repeated sweat baths we got I-love-my-long-hair-sachin a haircut and surprisingly he didn’t argue much and whoaaaa he looked … he looked yummmyyyy… I mean ‘a hunk’!

After the haircut

              Anyways… With all this and faffing-around-time in the house, triggered my long lost creativity which by now I guess was much before dead and an anniversary celebration was due shortly! I guess I too suffered from P.U.O for creativity and it was time I had to recover … I went and bought some poster colors, modeling clay, craft paper and ye! I was up again … recovering from the ‘creativity at stake’ ailment… I played songs on the guitar; Sachin and I both sat down and sketched, painted… I saw Sachin sticking his tongue out and concentrate on a painting while I tried shape clay into animals and flowers. I didn’t ever know that Sachin was good at painting coz he never tok interest… He sketched and painted stuff, which was honestly good!Time spent with sick-Sachin-gives-sneha-more-time was truly amazing… He always complains – “you never get enough of Sachin, is it, its asif I don’t give you time; you always want me around” Well, I did this time… lots n lots of Sachin 🙂

                  Quality time spent; creativity back; and finally old HEALTHY SACHIN back in life! So perfect!